One of the most common questions I am asked from my clients is what to wear to their session. I’m here to tell you this is such a good and valid question and you should never worry about your choices- as your photographer, it’s part of my job to help you decide, provide guidance and advice.

I've put together a few tips below to help you out when you’re deciding what to wear for your next photography session.

1) Start with a colour palette. You can do this by either thinking in terms of different shades of blue, all pastels, all earth tones, etc or you can do this by starting with one item of clothing for inspiration and match the rest of the outfits to it.

2) Simple is best.

By simple, I mean don’t overthink it or worry about going out and buying an entire new outfit for each family member. Stick to your usual style- the more comfortable you are in your clothing, the more you will enjoy the session and be able to be yourselves.

It’s also completely okay to dress up for a session if you want, just stick to the dressy clothes already in your closet.

3) Focus on complimentary, not matching colours.

Instead of trying to match everyone in the same shade of blue, look at varying shades- Dad in navy, Mum in light blue, daughter in blue floral, brother in white for example.

Along the same lines, look at all pastels (blue, pink, light green, light yellow) or all earthy tones (mustard, rust, plum, etc) or all neutral colours is simple but beautiful.

4) Don’t be afraid to use different patterns.

I wouldn’t suggest having every family member in a different pattern but a mix of solids and patterns can be very complimentary. Stick with small patterns (pinstripes, tiny florals, pindots, etc and you can’t go wrong).

Dad in a pin-striped shirt, Mum in a floral dress, kids in solids or vice versa- if you’re sticking to complimentary colours, it’s okay to have a variety of patterns. The main thing you want to avoid here is anything too bold or distracting (so no thick stripes or large polkadots for example).

Camden NSW Family Photography Photograph

5) Use Accessories to tie everyone’s outfits together.

Scarves, cardigans, shrugs, necklaces, hairbows, tights, etc can create the matching element to bring everyone’s outfit together. Mum’s blue floral scarf matches the pinstripes in Dad’s shirt, etc

Camden Photographer Elderslie Photographer Family Children's Photography

6) Consider your session location.

If you’re somewhere with lots of greenery, you will want to avoid wearing shades of green or browns. If your location has pops of colour from flowers or buildings, wear colours that will compliment those background colours. You want your outfit to stand out, not blend in.

7) Stay away from logos or images on clothing.

They’re very distracting and take away from the emotion and natural beauty of your photos.

8) Don’t wear anything too bright (think anything neon, or any over-saturated colour like a bright red or orange). These colours can be very distracting and can actually create colour casts on your face. Overly saturated colours are tricky to edit and keep true to colour in your final image.

9) Head to Pinterest for inspiration.

Here is a link to a Pinterest board I have put together with some of my favourite colour palettes:

Remember that this list of suggestions is exactly this- suggestions. Choose what you will be comfortable wearing and choose what you will feel good wearing. If it makes you happy, it’s perfect!

Camden NSW Family Photographer Family Photography Children

Spring and Summer are the busiest time of year for photographers with good reason- the temperature is ideal, the kids can wear cute dresses and shorts with minimal fuss, trees and flowers are in full bloom, and let's be honest- a family photo session can be challenging enough for parents to orchestrate without added layers and chilly weather!

So, why should you book a session in Autumn or Winter then? Firstly, have a look at all of the professional family photos you have had taken to date- my description in the paragraph above describes the majority of them, correct? Wouldn't it be great to have something just a little bit different on your walls, or in an album? Capture your family at a different time of year and see where those memories take you.

Being a Canadian myself, I embrace this season- I think there is nothing cuter than kids in jeans with a cozy sweater, dresses with stockings and boots, and matching beanies. Layers of clothing create an added point of interest to your photos and you would be amazed at what a few different pops of colour or the slightly different style to Summer will do for your photos.

The Autumn and Winter light is stunning. The change in temperature and position of the sun make for the most gorgeous golden hour and daylight savings also means the sun sets that much earlier so whilst an evening session needs to take place around 7 PM in Summer, it can take place as early as 4 PM in Autumn and Winter.

The colours are unique to the season. In the Camden area the greens of Autumn and Winter are a beautiful, rich tone and especially in Autumn, we are so fortunate to experience the vibrant colours of the leaves as they change colour. Unfortunately Autumn hit just as we were experiencing restrictions from covid-19 and I wasn't able to offer any sessions but I did capture my own children during our own fun little session and I just love the results, which you can see for yourself below.

Snuggles! The best time to have cuddly, snuggly photos with your children, or of your children. No worries about it being too hot, everyone being sweaty, and no bugs to deal with.

I have a few blankets I like to bring along and I make it a game with the kids and capture some super sweet moments of them cuddling or being silly together.

Have a peek at a few Autumn captures below and decide for yourself! I'm going to make this a yearly session with my own children and they don't know it yet but I plan to do another session with them in July complete with beanies and an extra snuggly blanket...hopefully a promise of hot chocolate afterwards will do the trick!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The Beginning of a new chapter. A family of 3 becomes a family of 4 and a sweet boy becomes a big brother for the first time.

Beautiful Annie wasn't interested in sleeping so we let her direct our session filled with lots of cuddles from a very proud brother and special moments with Mum and Dad.

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